AMT's unique designs and patented products have made the company the industry leader of high quality pumps.  The product line consists of a wide range of electric and engine driven centrifugal and diaphragm pumps in cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum in addition to a broad array of hand and barrel pumps for industry.

Virtually every AMT product is engineered and designed by the company, and completely machined, assembled and tested at the Royersford facility.

A subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company, AMT has been leading the way for over 70 years.

Engine Driven and Diaphragm Pumps

FireFighterEngineDrivenHigh Pressure/Firefighter Engine Driven Pumps

Pedestal Drive Pumps

Self-Priming Electric Pumps

HVAC/Multi-Stage Pumps

Straight Centrifigual Pumps

Submersible and Sump Pumps

Coolant Pumps

Specialty Pumps

SpecialityDrum Pumps


Pump Accessories and Hose



To learn more about the AMT product offering, please visit their website: AMT