Arrow Engines

Arrow offers many different engines from multi- to single-cylinder designs. Arrow single engines are designed for continuous duty 24 hours a day, day after day. Dependable performance when you need it. Arrow's heavy duty design features a heavy flywheel, a governor speed control, and a pressurized full flow lubrication system to assure continuous operation. While, Arrow multi-cylinder gas engines are intended for portable and stationary applications such as pump jacks, material handling, portable water pumps, and generator sets. There are four stroke, high speed, overhead valve engines, available in four- and six-cylinder versions. Arrow Engines are designed for easy, quick field maintenance. The oil level can be checked while the engine is running. Easy access enables replacing piston rings and wet cylinder sleeves in the field; and Arrow parts are interchangeable from the first model made. A-Series A-42 engineA-Series engines are available in turbo and cross-flow configured intake and exhaust manifolds. These precision engineered and time-tested engines are as dependable as they are versatile. The RPM runs between 900 and 1,800, with HP from 17.5-109. C-Series C-Series C-66Our C-Series line of engines encompasses models with hp from 5 to 75, and speed ranging from 300-800 rpm. The C-Series has been tested by time in the field for over 60 years and is a proven worker with incredible longevity and durability. K-Series Kseries_smArrow's Certified K-Series K-6 engine is our newest addition to our single cylinder line of engines. With 6 hp and 400-800 rpm, it is a perfect engine to run in place of an electric motor in situations where dependability, lack of electric, availability of natural or wellhead gas or longevity of the engine are factors. This diminutive engine features the same qualities as our C-Series.   L-Series L-Series L-795The Arrow L-Series L-795 engine is a low to medium speed, heavy-duty, twin-cylinder, two-cycle horizontal-type gas engine. The two-cycle engine completes its work cycle of compression, ignition, power and exhaust in two strokes or one revolution of the crankshaft. The L-Series uses two cylinders, therefore, there are two power strokes for each revolution of the crankshaft.

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