Murphy Ignition Systems & Components

An integrally designed array of advanced technology instruments to maximize the power of industrial spark-ignited natural gas-powered engines. Each component in the IntelliSpark™ line – from advanced microprocessor-based controllers to the smallest sensor – gives operators more information, control and authority of their engine and driver applications.

Applications include use in oil and gas fields, gas compression, construction, mining, marine and agriculture, or wherever ignition controls are needed to provide a more cost-efficient or emission-controlled operation.

IntelliSpark Ignition Control Systems

Ensure the health of your spark-ignited natural gas engine with Murphy’s IntelliSpark ignition controller and components.

True primary and secondary diagnostics provide users with an intelligent view of engine operation, while increased programming capabilities give you ultimate control. The IntelliSpark systems feature microprocessor, capacitive discharge functionality for any application that requires a cost-effective operation.

Keep the spark going in your engine by running Murphy’s Engine Integrated Control System (EICS®). EICS utilizes IntelliSpark technology to provide integrated spark and diagnostic capabilities as part of a comprehensive Engine Management solution.

EICSEngine Integrated Control System (EICS®)

Optimizing your engine’s performance and maintaining emission compliance is easier than ever with Murphy’s new Engine Integrated Control System (EICS). It is a complete integration package pre-calibrated specifically for your engine model.

EICS combines key components - ignition system (powered by Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ Ignition technology), air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnesses, catalyst and engine control unit (ECU) - in one package, saving you money and man-hours associated with the installation and setup of separate engine components.

The EICS has been pre-configured for your convenience, ensuring your engine will run at optimum performance without the need for manual field adjustments.

Brushless Alternators Air-cooled brushless alternator with no moving electrical parts.

601 Series CD Ignition Self-powered CD ignition system.

Ignition Coils

Multi-purpose ignition coils to fit wide range of applications.

Detonation Sensing Interface Easy to use controller for real-time vibration monitoring.

    Output Harnesses Output harnesses in seven sizes to meet connection requirements for all industrial gas engine applications.   HC-9040 Ignition Powered Panel Tester.

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