National Oilwell Varco

National Oilwell Varco is a worldwide leader in providing major mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs, complete land drilling and well servicing rigs, tubular inspection and internal tubular coatings, drill string equipment, extensive lifting and handling equipment, and a broad offering of downhole drilling motors, bits and tools.     Reciprocating Pumps You won't find a more complete offering of rugged and reliable reciprocating pumps anywhere in the world. National Oilwell Varco manufactures quality and reliability into every continuous and intermittent duty reciprocating pump that comes off the production line.
  • These field-proven and time-tested pumps are available in simplex, duplex, triplex and quintuplex designs.
  • Piston and plunger designs are available from 2 HP to 2250 HP.
  • Each power frame and fluid end is rugged enough to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Each frame is precision-bored to provide stability and matched alignment.
  • Standard fluid ends are manufactured in a wide range of materials to meet the most demanding applications.
National Oilwell Varco provides global field service capabilities and parts distribution that support the National Oilwell Varco products you purchase and offers the resources to design, fabricate and deliver complete pump packages. Whether fabricating a simple pump, motor and skid, or a complex pumping system with controls, valves and piping, National Oilwell Varco provides value in every pump package. Progressing Cavity Pumps Different as they are, mine water, raw sewage, sludge cake, latex, crude oil, lime slurry, and molasses all have one thing in common: they can be pumped using NOV Monoflo progressing cavity (PC) pumps. PC pumps are ideal for handling shear-sensitive fluids that contain abrasive materials and/or high solids content regardless of their viscosity. PC pumps consist of a single helix shaft (rotor) that rotates within a double helix fixed housing (stator).The rotor always has one less helix than the stator, so when it rotates, it forms a continuous cavity that progresses towards the discharge end of the pump to convey process fluid out. With a PC pump, pressure is independent of speed, which allows the pump to achieve the head required while running at a low speed for long wear life. Well-suited for both low- and high-flow applications, PC pumps can be adapted into multi-stage pumps for high pressure-handling capabilities. Features and Benefits:
  • Continuous flow eliminates pipework-damaging pulsations
  • Continuous seal line between rotor and stator eliminates product backflow and slip
  • Variety of construction materials for adaptability to nearly any operating condition
  • Low running speeds for long wear life
  • Rolling action of rotor releases trapped solids quickly, reducing abrasive wear
  • Long-haul pumping eliminates the need for a series of pumps
  • Suction lift up to 28’ allows deep sumps to be emptied without submersible equipment
  • Gentle pumping action keeps delicate solids intact, minimizing shear, crush damage, and solid degradation
  • Continuous cavities handle suspended solids with ease
  • Constant discharge capacity for a given speed, rotation, and pressure for accurate metering and dosing
  • Reduced wear extends periods between routine maintenance
  • Positive displacement for a uniform flow
  • Dual directional capability allows one pump to meet all operational needs
  • Ability to turn suction chamber 90° for easy installation
Rotary Lobe Pumps Monoflo's range of hygienic rotary lobe pumps have been specifically developed to prevent product contamination. High specification models are designed according to 3A and EHEDG certification and the pumps are suitable for clean in place and sterilization in place. As the rotors rotate in an opposite direction without contact with each other or the casing, the metal parts do not wear and contaminate the product. With maximum flow volumes up to 1320 gpm, Monoflo's lobe pumps are able to handle a wide range of viscosities. Rotary lobe pumps have many advantages, particularly in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Manufactured to a hygienically approved design
  • They can self prime on low lifts with standard clearance rotors
  • Can handle solids in suspension
  • They can run dry for short periods when using standard rotors. Suitable for applications where dry-running occurs or is required as part of the process.
  • The gentle pumping action minimizes shear and crush damage to delicate liquids containing soft solids
Pneumatic Driven Positive Displacement Pumps NOV offers a wide range of Bear pneumatic driven positive displacement pumps, including both air operated pumps and portable hydrostatic test units.

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