Strong and efficient. Tsurumi has a vast range of submersible pumps engineered to withstand the most rugged mining and industrial applications. Many of our pumps are interchangeable so that within minutes you can achieve high head or high volume capabilities without having to increase your inventory investment in additional pumps. Tsurumi Pump C-Series submersible cutter pump is designed for handling raw sewage, wastewater, and heavy duty industrial applications, where the pump is subject to clogging from oversize   Submersible Pumps SinglePhasePumpsDurable and compact. From our powerful sand and trash handling pumps to our efficient dewatering and residue/utility pumps, Tsurumi can meet your applications.  
Three Phrase Pumps  LH Series LHW Series GSZ Series KTV Series KRS Series Three Phrase Portables KTZ Series LH/LHW Series  Single Phase Pumps LB Series HS Series NK Series
Residue Pumps LSC Series LSR Series Utility Series        Sewage and Wastewater  Pumps PN Series PU Series PSF Series BZ Series UZ Series MG Series C Series UEF/UT Series B Series U Series Corrosion Resistant  Pumps SQ Series SFQ Series  TM Series VANCS Series     
  Engine Driven Pumps EngineDrivenPumpsMaximum durability powered by the best engines available. Tsurumi offers a complete remedy to all your pumping needs with a line of engine products that save you money. By using only the best engines available, we can ensure that parts availability is at your disposal universally. Complement your affordable Tsurumi submersible pump lines with tough, quality engine pumps that only we can offer.
Centrifugal Pumps Gasoline TE3-HA/TE5-RX Diesel TE2-RDB THP Series Trash Pumps Gasoline EPT3/EPT5-HA & EPT3-RX Series Diesel EPT-Trailer or Skid Mounted Pump Series Diesel EPT2-RDB Series Engine Powered EPT4 Series
Diaphragm Pumps TD Series Utility Pumps UtilityPumpsNot every project needs a large pump, yet the application may call for a quality of pump a few grades higher than what's found in retail stores. In order to satisfy your customers, turn to Tsurumi's line of contractor ready utility pumps.

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