Danfoss is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, and is a leader in research, development and production, sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for several industries. Danfoss seeks to obtain its goals with a minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, the least possible impact on its surroundings and the most efficient use of resources. Danfoss has a long tradition for a social responsibility towards both employees and the surrounding environment.

Electronic Controls

Danfoss’ Electronic Controls is a complete electronic system developed for monitoring and optimizing any commercial and industrial refrigeration and A/C system. This wide range of electronic controls include refrigeration temperature controls; compressor and condenser controls; speed control of compressors, condensers and fans; evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves; evaporator controls with electronically operated expansion valves, programmable controls and system management units.

Pressure Controls

The range of pressure controls and thermostats cover a lot af applications within refrigeration and air conditioning. The pressure controls and thermostats are in two categories KP as standard and RT for heavy duty purposes. The controls can be delivered for fluorinated refrigerant as well as ammonia.

Liquid Level Controls

This product range encompasses mechanical and electronic units specially suited to provide unique control of liquid level in industrial refrigeration applications such as flooded evaporators, intermediate receivers and liquid separators. Electronic components for liquid level controls available.

Appliance Controls

Danfoss Appliance Controls develops and produces temperature control products for the home appliance and light commercial industries. Our product range is so extensive that we can supply an incredible variety of controls from stock. Custom controls can be made for you.

The comprehensive product range includes CFC-free electromechanical thermostats for refrigerators and freezers, produced to precise customer specifications, as well as service thermostats for all refrigeration and freezing applications. Danfoss Appliance Controls is certified in accordance with ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards.

Climate Controls

The focus on and demand for better indoor climate are increasing, partly because more and more people are working indoors, and partly because indoor climate influences people´s well-being and thereby thereby efficiency at work.

Differential Pressure Controllers & Flow Controllers

Differential pressure and flow controllers are the components that provide hydronic balance of system pressure and flow. To achieve optimum operational conditions for the district heating system, it is very important to provide the system with hydronic balancing. By controlling the differential pressure and flow within the system, the right hydronic balance is guaranteed. This reduces the flow and heat loss of the system, thus increasing pump performance and ensuring adequate hot water and heating supply to all users.

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controls can lead to decreasing heat loss and therefore reduced CO2 emissions, in energy efficiency terms. And precise control performance of the temperature level in the heating system provides proper end-user comfort in the building. Good control ratios and rapid response times to changes in domestic hot water supply requirements are just some of the features needed to ensure optimum control performance. This also applies to temperature controls for domestic hot water supply as well as district heating.

Electronic Heating Controllers & PI Controllers

Intelligent weather compensation performed by a correctly commissioned electronic heating controller optimizes the energy efficiency of a district heating system by reducing the return temperature. This creates energy savings of around 10-15% and longer system life. A variety of communication options in the electronic heating controller provide easy-access network communication and monitoring, a clear overview and remote control of all connected controllers in the system.

Product Overview

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