Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. designed the first engineered plastic (polyethylene) cooling tower in 1971, since then they have improved and expanded “The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available” to a full line of factory assembled cooling towers for any application. Manufacturing Cooling Towers for critical service applications that cannot afford maintenance costs and downtime of galvanized sheet metal towers. Delta specializes in towers for applications including:

  • Comfort Cooling – HVAC
  • Process Cooling – Industrial
  • Power Generation

Closed Circuit Cooling Systems

The Greener Closed-Loop System Certain processes require a closed-loop, whereby the process water for cooling does not come in contact with the atmospheric air.  This prevents  the cooling water from picking up particles that  may not get filtered or even dissolved gases.  Closed-loop cooling requires more energy and has higher initial and life-cycle costs than an open cooling tower, but provides an added protection to expensive processes or chillers being cooled.

Cooling Towers

TM Series Induced Draft Towers Delta’s TM Series™ induced draft, counter flow design are available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2,000 cooling tons.

Premier Induced Draft Towers Premier’s cost less to install and operate!  The light weight construction reduces rigging and structural roof support requirements. While maintenance and water treatment chemical costs are significantly lowered.

Paragon Induced Draft Towers Paragon’s unique design provides unlimited flexibility of modular operation, future upgrade capability and location convenience.  Unitary molded of  HDPE, these towers are light weight, strong and long lasting.

Pioneer Forced Draft Towers Manufactured since 1971, this unitary seamless engineered plastic design has been manufactured since 1971 and have been very well received in both commercial and industrial applications. Packed Cooling Systems

DS-Delta Dry SystemDelta’s DS (Dry System) consists of an Air Cooled Fluid Cooler with Pump Skid Station. Skid includes: Pump(s), Control Panel, Pre-Wiring of skid components to Panel, and pre-piping.  All components skid mounted on one common skid.  Other options/accessories are available. The advantages of this system are not requiring make-up water and water treatment associated with open cooling systems.

Delta Evaporative Syster   Delta’s ES (Evaporative System) consists of a Cooling Tower with Pump Skid Station. Skid includes: Pump(s), Control Panel, Pre-Wiring of skid components to Panel, and pre-piping of necessary components.  All components skid mounted on one common skid.  A Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger is added when a closed loop on the process side of the Heat Exchanger is required.  Other options/accessories are available. The advantages of this system are it is the most energy efficient (lowest operating cost) and lower first cost.

SXS-Delta Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Syster Delta’s SXS (Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger System) consists of a common skid with the following components skid mounted: Pump(s), Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Control Panel, Pre-Wiring of skid components to Panel, and pre-piping of necessary components.  Other options/accessories are available.

PTS-Delta Pump Tank System   Delta’s PTS (Pump Tank System) consists of a storage tank and pump skid station. Skid includes: Storage Tank, Pump(s), Control Panel, Pre-wiring of skid components to Panel, and pre-piping of all necessary components.  All components skid mounted on one common skid. Other options/accessories are available. Delta manufacturers storage tanks in High-Density Polyethylene, steel or stainless steel and can provide multiple Pump Tank Systems To learn more about the Delta product offering, please visit their website: DELTA