American-Marsh is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal & positive displacement pumps, electrical motors, mechanical seals and fire protection fittings, couplings and pumping equipment. The company, which is over 140 years old, is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in the world. Collectively its five divisions cover the industrial, municipal, commercial, irrigation and fire protection markets.

480 Series VT Open Lineshaft Vertical Turbine Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, mining, and municipal applications. Vertical turbine pumps are available in short set, deep set, submersible, mixed flow, and propeller designs. These vertical turbines feature vitreous enamel-coated bowl assemblies, extra heavy-duty casings, high-efficiency enclosed or semi-open impellers, enclosed lineshaft assemblies, and optional metallurgies.

Performance Characteristics

  • Capacities to: 30,000+ GPM (6,813+ m^3/hr)
  • Heads to: 2500+ Feet (762 m)
  • Temperatures to: 400 F (204 C)
  • Speed ranges: 900 to 3600 RPM

Additional Information

  • Heavy-duty Cast Iron/Bronze fitted bowls standard.
  • All bowl assemblies are flanged for ease in assembly and disassembly.
  • Bowls from 4″ through 20″ have an internal vitreous enamel porcelain lining and an external O-ring for dry-pit applications.
  • Heavy-duty discharge cases with dual bearings on bowl assemblies through 16″.
  • Optional metallurgy available including 316 stainless steel, Cd4MCu, and other duplex alloy stainless steels.
  • “CR” models feature casted integral abrasion webs that minimize the erosion action of entrained abrasives due to the vortex action and the rotation of the liquid between the individual pump stages.
  • “CR” models also feature suction and discharge bearings with a minimum of 5 inches in length which allows for more shaft support in the bowl assembly.
  • Special automotive-duty options with separate thrust stand for use where special motor options are required.
  • Cast iron or fabricated steel discharge heads.

300 Series Rec Close-Coupled End Suction Pumps

General purpose end suction pumps are used in commercial, industrial and municipal applications every day. The RE series end suction products feature back pull out impellers, centerline discharges, casted integral feet on all casings with heavy casing thickness, impellers with back pump out vanes and oversized shafts to provide the end user with a superior, reliable product.

Performance Characteristics

  • Capacities to: 9,000 GPM (2,044 m^3/hr)
  • Heads to: 450 Feet (140 m)
  • Temperatures to: 300 F (150 C)
  • Speed ranges: 900 to 3600 RPM

Additional Information

  • Back pull-out to reduce maintenance down time.
  • Standard American-Marsh Series 810 mechanical seal for both reliability and dependability.
  • Carbon/Si-Carbide/EPDM elastomers standard, with other faces and elastomers available.
  • Integral seal flush.
  • Available standard in Cast Iron/Bronze fitted or other alloy for application versatility.
  • Replaceable wearing components include casing wear rings to maintain peak efficiency.
  • Enclosed impeller design, dynamic balancing and renewable wear rings reduce losses increasing performance and pump life.
  • 125 lb. ANSI flange suction/discharge connections with centerline discharge and cast integral foot on casing for support. Suction and discharge flanges are casted to 250 psi dimensions. Case working pressures for all REC models is 250 psi.
  • Standard, stocked c-face motors for quick shipment.
  • Pumps can be stocked and shipped less driver allowing more flexibility for the end user.
  • C-face motor bracket allows the removal of the driver without disassembling entire pumping unit.
  • Impellers have back pump out vanes to keep the seal chamber free of debris.

490 Series SST Heavy Solids Handling Self-Primer Pumps

Self-primer pumps are used in commercial, industrial and municipal applications.  The SST series self-primer pumps feature back pull-out impellers, quick self-priming, full access to the impeller from the front of the casing, heavy-duty check valve that ensures the casing remains full of liquid, heavy-duty casings, semi-open solids handling impellers, oil lubricated mechanical seal, oil lubricated power frame and rubber coated wear plate.

Performance Characteristics

  • Capacities to: 5,000 GPM (1136 m^3/hr)
  • Heads to: 120 Feet (37 m)
  • Temperatures to: 180 F (82 C)
  • Speed ranges: 1200 to 1800 RPM
  • Suction lift to 24 feet.

Additional Information

  • Back pull out rotor assembly for ease of service.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Oversized front inspection of impeller.
  • Front wear plate for long life.
  • Standard hard faced mechanical seal.
  • The suction check valve can be removed and replaced without removing suction pipe.
  • Dual oil lubrication chambers one for the bearing housing and one for the mechanical seal.
  • Extremely large front cleanout cover for inspection and removal of impeller and wear plate.
  • Solids passing capability to 3 inch spherical solids.
  • SAE mounting to engine eliminates alignment issues.
  • Many driver options (electric, gasoline & diesel).
  • Can be base mounted or trailer mounted.

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