Arrow Engine Company is an industry leader in heavy-duty power generation equipment. With increasing demand for cheaper and cleaner burning fuel, more companies are turning to natural gas generators for their power generation needs. Natural gas burns cleaner than standard diesel and is well suited for remote areas where a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available. Arrow’s natural gas generator sets feature an assortment of factory options that enable you to customize a generator to match your requirements, including emissions equipment to assist you with environmental and regulatory compliance. Arrow Generator Sets are designed to operate on a range of fuels, including natural gas, well-head gas, and pipeline gas, while providing maximum fuel efficiency along with low life-cycle costs.

Arrow offers a range of reciprocating compressors to meet your needs in a number of applications.  Compressors can come with Arrow Engines or ordered separately so they can be coupled to a variety of different drivers.


This two-throw separable reciprocating natural gas compressor is well suited for gas gathering, gas boosting, and gas re-injection to enhance oil production and other applications.

VRU-1 & VRU-2 

The VRU-1 gas compressor is designed to be perfectly suited as a Vapor Recovery Unit and as a small natural gas booster compressor. The VRU-1 is a small unit with a simple design, but has been engineered with heavy-duty components and extremely durable running gear, operating at a relatively low speed. These robust features make this unit more reliable and longer lasting than other compressors of this type.

The VRU-2 is a two-throw, two-stage compressor. Two VRU-1 compressor frames can be bolted together to make a VRU-2 two-throw compressor frame. The two-throw crankshaft is required for this, but essentially all other parts are a duplication of the same parts used in the VRU-1 compressor frame.


The Arrow VRC-CNG is a 150 hp two-throw separable reciprocating gas compressor. The horizontally opposed cylinders are accurately balanced for smooth running and long lasting durability at 1800 RPM. Unlike many other reciprocating compressors, the VRC-CNG has a unique three-throw crankshaft configuration that eliminates opposing cylinder off-set and the vibration associated with traditional designs. With a higher rod load capacity of 16000 maximum, it allows the compressor to reach many applications. The use of a pressurized lubrication system, highly-efficient Hoerbiger valves, industry-proven accessories, innovative engineering design, and close attention to quality make the Arrow VRC-CNG unequaled in the industry.

VRC-CNG Features:

  • 8.5” x 4.25” x 2.25” x 1.125”
  • Rated at 150 HP
  • Motor or engine driven
  • First stage 8.5” cylinder rated 250 PSIG MAWP
  • Second stage 4.25” cylinder rated 750 PSIG MAWP
  • Third stage 2.25” cylinder rated 2500 PSIG MAWP
  • Final stage 1.125” cylinder rated 6000 PSIG MAWP

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