Blackmer is the leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products. Blackmer products are used in a variety of industries including LPG, Chemical Processing, Refined Fuels, Petroleum, Military, Marine and the Mobile Transport industries.  SLidingVane

Sliding Vane Pumps ProVane® pumps are specifically engineered for low and medium viscosity process applications where reliable, continuous duty operation with no preventative maintenance is desired. ProVane® pumps are ideal for handling shear-sensitive liquids at high speeds with no product degradation.

Sliding Vane Hand PumpsSlidingHandPumps Blackmer sliding vane hand pumps provide a safe, convenient method of dispensing or transferring non-corrosive liquids from drums, barrels, tanks or vats. They are designed for easy, efficient operation in handling a wide range of liquids in industrial, construction and agricultural applications.Operating on the same principle as Blackmer power pumps, these positive displacement, self-priming, sliding-vane pumps provide steady, non-pulsating flow at easy turning speeds. The sliding vanes self-compensate for wear to maintain high-suction lift and are easily replaced at low cost after years of service.

System One Centrifugal PumpsSystem One The simplest type of centrifugal pump is the single stage machine that consists fundamentally of a rotating element, called an impeller, and a casing.

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