A-C Fire Pump provides a complete line of fire protection products that meet all industry requirements in both fresh water and seawater service. Known for their dependability, CLA-VAL products for the fire protection industry include fire pump pressure relief valves, pump suction control valves, deluge valves, pressure regulating valves, and backflow preventers. Many CLA-VAL products have UL listing and Factory Mutual Systems approvals.  A-C Fire Pump is also a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) and the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA).

End-Suction-Pump Series 1580 Vertical In-Line Pump
End Suction Fire Pumps
2000 Series
In-Line Fire Pumps
Series 1580 ConfiguPac
Series 1580 Fire Pump
13D-Home-Defender packagesystempump1-300x217
Residential Fire Pumps
13D Home Defender
Skid Package Fire Pumps
Skid Pumps
8200-Series-Pump Vertical-Turbine-Pump
Split Case Fire Pumps
8100 Series
8200 Series
9100 Series
Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
Vertical Turbine
Pump Accessories
Automatic Air Release Valve
Suction and Discharge Gauge Assembly
Casing Relief Valve
Hose Header
Main Relief Valve
Closed Waste Cone
Eccentric Reducer
Concentric Reducer
Straight and Reducing Tee
Single Wall Fuel Tank
Double Wall Fuel Tank
UL Coupling

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