The Lufkin Well Manager is the industry’s most advanced technology for accurately controlling and monitoring rod-pumped wells – and the clear choice for total well management. It allows the operator to truly optimize well performance. It can control the well from the downhole card, surface card or from the motor. And its powerful patented technology calculates a downhole card on every stroke of the pumping unit.

Beam Pumping Units provide remote communications capabilities that speed information and optimize productivity. Instead of having personnel in the field every day to monitor the wells, owners can communicate with the well remotely and determine where people need to be deployed the most.

  • REGENvsd-regen-lufkin-well-manager-400
  • Transducers
  • Rod Pump Controller
  • Variable Speed Drive

Progressing Cavity Pumps – The Lufkin Well Manager (LWM) Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) controller works in conjunction with a variable speed drive (VSD) to optimize fluid production while protecting the pump. The patented control algorithm varies the speed of the pump while measuring the amount of fluid produced from the pump. The controller ramps up the pump speed in user-defined steps. Production rates are measured at each step to establish a speed to production rate relationship. When an increase in speed does not produce a proportional increase in fluid production, the controller slows the speed by steps until optimum fluid production is achieved. The control algorithm continues testing the production rate by repeating the speed increase/decrease sequence.imagesCAK2AU7U

  • Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • PCP Controller

Injection Wells – The Lufkin Well Manager (LWM) Injection Well Controller (IWC) gathers and reports data from your injection well operations, helping you protect your reservoir and track the effectiveness of your water and CO2 injection. IWC enables you to monitor both the pressure and quantity of water or CO2 injected into the reservimagesCA1TI5E7oir, so you can avoid reservoir damage from excessive pressure while optimizing oil production.

  • Injection Well Controller

Plunger Lift – The LIFTManager plunger lift controller is used to control and optimize a plunger lift system using either time, pressure, or a combination of both. The controller is also able to self-optimize the system by setting user specific parameters which are monitored on every cycle. This unique controller offers Lufkin’s typical quality while providing best in class control of your plungerliftmanager350

lift well.

  • Lift Manager
  • EVO I Controller
  • EVO II Controller
  • EVO I – Retrofit

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