Whether onshore or offshore – Sauer Compressors are used in a variety of applications within the oil and gas sector. Designed for 24/7 operation, their robust construction allows them to be used (virtually) anywhere and under extremely difficult environmental conditions, for example, when exposed to saltwater, heat, or cold. Sauer Compressors easily satisfy the criteria of nearly all classification societies such as ABS, DNV, and GL, while complying with a range of other certification systems too. In addition to our standard solutions, we also provide complex solutions designed to meet customers’ specifications. These include mobile, container-type units, gas tight or explosion-proof designs, units featuring diesel or gas engines, and even combinations of all these.

Sauer compressors always do their job reliably – whether they are used on a floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, in the engine room of a ship off Vietnam’s coast, or on a heavy goods vehicle in Siberia.

6000 Series

Sauer WP6305 Compressor

With more than 70 years of innovative design, Sauer Gas Compressors have long convinced customers of their worth in numerous fields of application for process engineering that requires high quality compressed gas or air. Experience and know-how make it possible as well as individually designed compressor packages. Today we offer 3- and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 5075 PSI in an extensive and standardized product range.

Hurricane Series 

Sauer WP4331 Compressor

High-pressure compressors showcase our engineering superiority and production expertise. Founded on our renowned military design experience and through continuous innovation, Sauer Compressors has developed the most cost effective and reliable industrial compressors in the market.


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