Sulliar understands that optimizing your compressed air system’s performance requires a look at the individual components and how they all work together as a whole. This “systems approach” analyzes both the supply and demand side of your system and how they interact, thus ensuring a constant, steady system pressure and uninterrupted workflow. Pumps & Service offers an array of Sullair products including air compressors, desiccant air dryers, filtration products, and oil-water separators.

Air Compressors

5 – 25 hp
ES6Sullair’s 5 – 25 hp stationary compressors feature the S-energy® series of Performance Air System packages for smaller shops and factories. The ES-6 Encapsulated and ShopTek™ Lubricated air compressors can be used alone or can be configured with a Performance Air System sized and matched to provide maximum performance and value. The S-energy® series of encapsulated air compressors include both constant speed and variable speed drives with quiet running and the smallest footprint in their class.

25 – 100 hp
Sullair’s 25 – 100 hp S-energy® stationary compressors are quiet running in a small footprint with lubricated compressors with performance air systems. S-energy® compressors offer Sullair reliability in the most compact, most robust, most maintenance-friendly and quietest compressor package available on the market. Multiple features of the S-energy® Series revolutionize the compressor’s serviceability and provide for a cleaner, safer work environment and cost effective compressor. Standard maintenance can all be performed from one side. Also at 100 hp, Sullair introduces its oil-free model and a two-stage tandem compressor.

100 – 600 hp
Sullair’s 100 – 600 hp two-stage rotary screw stationary compressors offer the highest volumes of compressed air for large air applications. Compression is divided between two stages of rotary screws, which produces a power advantage of 11 to 13 percent over equivalently sized single-stage compressors. Sullair’s end-to-end two-stage design is more efficient than other two-stage configurations.

125 – 350 hp
Sullair’s 125 – 350 hp offering of lubricated stationary compressors offer higher air volumes backed by more robust constant and variable speed drives with single-stage and two-stage rotary screw compression. Sullair’s dependable air ends are designed to deliver over 100,000 hours of continuous service. Also in this horsepower range are Sullair’s air-cooled and water-cooled oil-free compressors that deliver critical quality air for sensitive applications that require non-contaminating compressed air.




In our specialty design desiccant air dryers, Sullair uses high quality desiccant material to adsorb water vapor from the compressed air. These dryers are made high quality components and designed for outdoor compressed air piping and operations that require an extremely low dew point to −40°F.


Refrigerated dryers are designed for installations where pipeline temperatures are not expected to go below 35°F. These dryers cool compressed air by mechanical refrigeration, removing the moisture and assuring that none condenses downstream, unless the air is exposed to lower temperatures.

Filters and Filtration Systems

FX Standard Filters


Superior filtration products from 1 micron to .003 micron. Durable element construction and an efficient drain layer ensure continued performance. Sullair filters protect your plant equipment and processes, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. Sullair’s filters are available in a wide range from general purpose to the most stringent food and pharmaceutical applications. Filtration products range from 25 to 17,700 scfm (0.7 to 495.6 m3/min), 15 to 725 psig (1 to 50 bar), 35°F to 350°F (1.7°C to 121.1°C), ISO 8573.1 quality classes (ASME/CRN approved).

FW Flange Filters

When larger flange style filters are required Sullair offers a family of superior FW flange style filtration products from 1 micron to .003 micron. Sullair’s FW flange filters are available in a wide range from general purpose to the most stringent food and pharmaceutical applications. These filtration products range from 1500 to 17,700 scfm ( 4.2 to 495 m3/min), and air pressure up to 200 psig (14 bar), 36°F to 176°F (2°C to 80°C), ISO 8573.1 quality classes (ASME/CRN approved).

FHP High-Pressure Filters

Sullair offers a superior high pressure filtration products from 1 to .01 micron. The Sullair high pressure filters range from 60 to 1750 scfm (1.70 to 49.55 m3/min), at pressures as high as 725 psig (50 bar) The high pressure filters are available in three (3) element choices and come standard with a high pressure manual drain.

ELM Mist Eliminator

Misters solve industry’s demands for clean, high quality compressed air by removing oil-mist carryover from piston or oil flooded rotary compressors, and ensuring an extremely low pressure drop, long service life and strength to withstand the most harsh operating conditions. Furnished in 13 models ranging from 150 to 12,000 scfm (4.2 to 336 m3/min), these units protect against slugs of oil and compressor separator failure. Special pleated elements remove particles down to 1 micron including coalesced liquid water and oil providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.5 ppm.

Oil-Water Separators

OWS Oil-Water Separator


Liquid condensate is generated throughout compressed air system, including the compressor discharge, storage tanks, moisture separators, coalescing filters and refrigerated air dryers. This liquid must be removed. When oil is present, as with oil lubricated compressors, the condensate must be purified to legal levels of residual oil content before it can be discharged to public water treatment systems. Sullair Oil/Water Separator units effectively and efficiently separate oil from compressed air condensate and discharge it in a manner that is both environmentally sound and economical.

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