Truflo Pumps manufactures a full range of quality pumps to meet diverse application demands ranging from the chemical to textile industries. Whether you need an ANSI process pump, an API pump, a metallic magnetic drive pump, a non-metallic magnetic drive pump, a self priming pump, or a slurry pump, Truflo offers them all. TRUFLO is known for high quality production of both bare pump and complex skid assembly.

Pumps for a Broad Range of Markets. Truflo has developed a wide variety of process pumps for industries including: refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, paper mills, mining, pharmaceutical, steel, textiles, food and beverage, plating, chemical injection, pipelines, boiler feed, power and utility, automotive, and OEMs.

Process Pumps 

  • DAP Series
  • DSP Series
  • DMT Series
  • DLP Series
  • MAP Series
  • TNP Series

API Pumps

  • DSV Series
  • RSMP Series
  • TDP Series
  • TDSP Series
  • TLP Series
  • TMP Series
  • TSP Series
  • TSMP Series 
  • TSTP Series
  • TVCP Series
  • TVSP Series
  • TVP Series

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